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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Update on the Woodbridge New Jersey Town Records

Our readers know how bad the images were on the microfilmed Woodbridge Town Records. Genealogical serendipity made the Samuel Bunnell Jr. birth record jump out.

George Farris has worked through the nearly 200 images but found no other references to Samuel Bonnell.  There was one record in 1690 that looked sort of like Sam Bonnel but on closer examination I think it was actually Sam Dennes, an earlier Woodbridge settler.  1690 seemed rather early for Samuel Bonnel to be in Woodbridge records anyway.  John Bunnell is also taking a look at that page to be sure.  About 100 pages of the images were for records in the 1600s.  I did not find the records that we were looking for for Samuel Bonnel in 1710 and 1715.  It's clear that the record in 1707 that you pointed out is definitely a birth record for Samuel, Jr.  There were no Burrells in that area at that time so this record has to be for the Samuel Bunnell family.

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