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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bonnells in the transcribed Southern Revolutionary War Pension Application website

I'm taking the DAR courses on genealogical records and having a ball. So much information is shared on the class forums.

Today I learned about a fabulous website:

Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters

It's goal is to publish transcriptions of every Revolutionary War Pension Application FREE. The work is done by volunteer contributors.

It grabbed me right away with it's notice at the very top of the home page that the ads on its site are placed there by Google Ads and generate a small amount of revenue to help offset the site's expenses, BUT are not to be construed as endorsed by the site owners. I thought that was useful information. I admit to clicking on the book that was advertised because it looked interesting.

But I digress. The pension for Alexander Bonny (Bonnell) was posted. The transcription includes a link to the original image.

Other transcriptions include the pension application for John Bunnell W6222

I found the transcription for one of my husband's ancestors on the site, saving me considerable work.

There's more to the pension files than the application, but this site is still a treasure.