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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Midwest Genealogy Center's indexed US Railroad Retirement Board Pension Claims

The Midwest Genealogy Center has indexed US Railroad Retirement Board Pension Claims for 1936-2010. With the information obtained from the indexed record you can order the complete file. The site even tells you how to do it.

Many years ago I acquired a copy of my husband's paternal grandfather, and what a treasure trove it was. Besides containing a complete employment record of his years working for various railroads, it included his wife's death certificate as well as copies of his birth, death and marriage certificates.

I did a quick search of Bonnel/Bunnell names, and found many. The search results include last name, first name initial, birth and death dates, so you need to know something about the person you are searching for so you find the right record.
Some names in the database have been truncated to five characters, to BONNE or BUNNE for example. 
You can explore these records for yourself at Search Midwest Genealogy Center Online Collections There are several other interesting collections there as well.

Let us know if you find anything helpful.