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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Samuel Bonnell as Witness to the Will of Benoni Lee in July 1705

From George Farris:

I suppose this reference should be added to the chronology.  It's the only direct reference that I've found to Samuel Bonnell in Elizabeth Town - as a witness to the will of Benoni Lee in July 1705.   This was just a couple of years before the first reference to Samuel Bonnell in Woodbridge in 1707.  

The will includes property in Elizabethtown, in the Rahway meadows derived from his father Thomas Lee, and "on the country road."  John Lee, brother of Benoni, died in Woodbridge in 1720 according to the summary of his will on the same page.  The Rahway meadows area was half way between Elizabeth and Woodbridge.

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