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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nathaniel Bonnell House in Elizabeth, New Jersey

From John Bunnell:

Here is another document from the New Jersey State Archives.  I apologize, but from here on out, the information remaining in my pile of NJ Archive data is a bit of a jumble between three different generations.  

This is the file in the archives relating to the house built by Nathaniel Bonnell. Nathaniel was the son of William the original immigrant and the father of Samuel (1).  The house is clearly a significant historical structure, even today.  It must have been where Samuel (1) grew up.  

The file shows several photos from different times.  

The Bonnell House is a historic landmark in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Tours are available by appointment. Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on it Wikipedia Bonnell House, Elizabeth, New Jersey and one where it's is part of a tour of Revolutionary War sites Revolutionary War Sites–the Bonnell House is towards the bottom of the web page.


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