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Monday, June 5, 2017

1772 Spotlsylvania County, Virginia Deed Witnessed by William Bonnell, Jacob Wright & Wm Hall

In keeping with our aim of sharing the precious information each of us has collected, Marjorie Gibbs sent us the original deed, witnessed by William Bonnell,  Jacob Wright and Wm. Hall, of Paul McClancy and Rose his wife to Peter Rosewell? Rossell? in Spotsylvania County, Va in 1772.  Inspired by a question asked her, she wrote ,

"something prompted me to dig out my old Bunnell file, going back over twenty years, and plow through it. Lo and behold, I do have a copy of the original deed. It is hard to read, written in spidery handwriting, but I can make out most of it. In view of recent research, I am paying close attention to names, especially. What I took to be Peter Rosewell, I now wonder if it is Peter Rossell, or some variation on that."

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