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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

William P Bonnell, Mayor of Union Township, Union County, New Jersey.

 This post is based on a chapter in  former editor Charles E. Bunnell (Charlie to his friends) recently compiled Bonnells & Bunnells of Note (And a few Burnells & Burrells for Good Measure). The complete work is available on Internet Archive at this link: Charlie Bunnell's Bonnells & Bunnells of Note.

According to Wikipedia's  Union Township, Union County, New Jersey
Union Township, Union County, New Jersey, is governed under New Jersey's township form of muniipal government. The article lists the mayors of Union, and among them is:
William P. Bonnell, 1896, 17th term.

The 1900 US Census records a William P. Bonnell living in this township, living with his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Mabel. He is buried in Roselle Park, Union Count, New Jersey, but neither his obituary or that of his wife mentions a term as mayor.

Can anyone confirm that this man served a term as mayor? If so, let us know, and we'll revise this post to include more information.

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