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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Bunnell Graves Near the Bunnell House, Winona County, Michigan

This post is based on a chapter in  former editor Charles E. Bunnell (Charlie to his friends) recently compiled Bonnells & Bunnells of Note (And a few Burnells & Burrells for Good Measure). The complete work is available on Internet Archive at this link: Charlie Bunnell's Bonnells & Bunnells of Note.

Ann Marie Middleton, Bay City, Michigan, previously sent information on brothers Willard and Lafayette Bunnell. From the archivists, Marianne Mastenbrook and Walt Bennick, at The Winona County Historical Society in Michigan, where the Willard Bunnell House is located, Ann received information on the Bunnell graves that were originally near the Bunnell House there.

“From what we have found out, the graves were moved from the Bunnel House property and put on the land that belonged to the Smith Family in Homer. However, these graves are only marked with "rocks" and the area is not taken care of as a Cemetery.  It is very, very hard to get to and a resident of Homer provided a map for us, and if someone goes, she must lead the way. [Marianne Mastenbrook]”

“Ann Marie - Please find photos and the Bunnell Grave Site attached. The grave site is along the top of a narrow ridge that extends up from the Bunnell House. It is leaf covered and the tomb stones are but pieces of limestone that have been placed at the head and foot of each grave. They are not marked, or at least no markings can be seen. It has been reported that there are nine graves at the site, but I counted only a couple of "markers." The markers are difficult to seen. On the b/w photos I tried contrast to enhance the stones, they are near the center of each photograph. - Walt Bennick, Archivist”

[Charlie’s Note: Six photos were provided; 3 color, 3 B&W, none that showed anything like a pile of stones even.]

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