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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Query: Elizabeth Bonnell Brannen's father John Bonnell of Georgia

Our first query! Can anyone help her out? If you can, click on the Comments button below this article and type in any information you have. 

I thank you so very much for doing this!  

I'm not a good researcher and haven't done too much with my Bonnell's from Columbia County, Florida.  They were John Bonnell and daughter Elizabeth that married a John Milledge Brannen.  She was my grt-grt-grandmother.  I'm going to be 80 in October.  John was a Jr.  

I'm just curious to know where the John Bonnell, Eliza's father, originated.  I know it was Georgia.  He had a son, John also.  Eliza's brother.  I know the brother's  lineage somewhat.  It's the John Sr. I was wondering about.

It's hard to bring up information after being away from it for awhile.  But I'm so glad that there's a place I can go and remember the Bonnell name.

My mother was Agnes Brannen, her father was David Ulee Brannen, his father was John Milledge Brannen Jr., and his father was John Milledge Brannen Sr. whose wife was Elizabeth Bonnell, and father was John Bonnell from Georgia.   So somewhere down the line one of my grandmother's was a Bonnell!

Thank you so much.

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  1. Eliza Bonnell, wife of John Milledge Brannen is 027467 in Claude Bonnell's data base. He has little information other than she is the daughter of John Bonnell. Sources listed are census records.