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Monday, December 28, 2015

Samuel Bunnell born abt 1700 Death Unknown

This is the summary of Samuel Bunnell that John Bunnell sent.

Samuel Bunnell
Birth about 1700
Death Unknown
5th great-grandfather

Birth of son William Bunnell about 1750, Virginia

Residence 1768 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA 
    List of the Tithables for Cameron Parish, Wm Carr Lane's List, p. 411 (1 media)

Residence 10 June 1770 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA
   Loudon County, Virginia, Tithable Lists, William Carr lane's List, p. 536

Legal 13 August 1771 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA
   Upon a Motion of Samuel Bunnell, It is ordered that he be discharged from the Payment of Public and County Levies for the future by reason of his great age and Infirm State of Health

Probate 20 March 1777 Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA
   Awarding letters of administration to William Bonnell, Henry Coleman (sec), and Samuel Bonnell (sec) for the estate of Jacob Wright. Granted after Ann Wright, widow of Jacob Wright, & Dennis Wright, eldest son gave up all rights of administration. (4 media)

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