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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update on the Windsor Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey Samuel Bonnells


Here is the next installment from the NJ State Archives regarding the
Middlesex County Bonnells.  This is the latest court case we have on the
Windsor Township, NJ Samuel Bonnells before the indexing runs out.  This is
a case that started in 1761 (many of them start this year, both for the
Bonnells and for Jacob Wright), but was coming to a head in 1764.  Like
George has often commented, this document generates as many questions as
answers.  This document does not specify whether it is for Samuel Bonnell,
Jr. or Samuel Bonnell, Sr., unlike many others in my pile. The signature on
the obligatory note looks more like that of the senior, but it is not clear
that this is really his signature instead of the scribe's transcription.
The document lists his profession as an innkeeper, which is different than
earlier documents that list the Bonnells as either blacksmiths or yeomen.
It is interesting that the plaintiffs are merchants from Philadelphia
demanding payment in Pennsylvania script.  Is this a clue that may lead to
the merger of the Middlesex County blacksmith Samuel Bonnell family and the
Gloucester County/Philadelphia blacksmith Samuel
Bonnell family, or is it just an indication that everyone in the area
conducted business in Philadelphia?

Still working....

John Bunnell 

The documents and transcription for Middlesex Court of Common Pleas, Case #1532 1764 - Reed & Pettit v. Samuel Bonnell are in a separate post below.

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