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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Middlesex Court Case #1369 (1764) [partial]

Transcription of
Middlesex Js. Inquisition Indented & taken at the dwelling House of William Callendar – Innholder in Perth Amboy in the County af’d the Seventeenth Day of January in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Four, Before James Brooks --- Esq’r high Sheriff of the county af’d -------
By Virtue of a Certain Writ of our Lord the King to the s’d Sheriff directed and to this Inquisition annexed by the Oaths & Affirmations of Nathaniel Hek Randolph, Joseph Moore, Esek Fek Randolph, Benjamin Shotwell, Samuel Bonnell, James Marshall, Ebenezer Foster, Robert Lee, David Jagues, Andrew Bloomfield, Thomas Smith, John Bessenea ------------- who upon their Oath and Affirmations do say that Josiah Wynans Junior in the Writ of Inquiry hereunto annexed names hath sustained Damages by Occassion of the Premises in the s’d Writ mentioned to thirteen Pounds & Nine Shilllings ---------------- Current money of the Province of New Jersey at Eight Shillings the Pence, and for his Costs & Charges by him about his suit in this Behalf expended to Six Pence  - In Testimony whereof as well the s’d Sheriff th Jurors af’d have hereunto set their Hands & Seals the Day and Year first above said ----------------
Ja’s Brooks Shf

Nath’el Hitz Randolph Ebenezer Foster
Jos Moore Robert Lee
Ezk Fritz Randolph David Jarvis
Benjamin Shotwell Andrew Bloomfield
Sam’el Bonnel Tho’s Smith

Ja’s Marshall John Bessonex

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  1. I think you're all doing an amazing job. The thoroughness of your research is commendable. Sorry I'm not more help.