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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More on Preserve Brown

This information came from George Farris:

From Preserve Brown's will and the 1849 map it's possible to pinpoint the location of Brown's property in Nottingham Township (Mercer County). It was just south across the bridge over Doctor's Creek from Yardville.

So his shop was at Yardville in the southern part of Nottingham/Hamilton Township. That's about 3 miles south of Mercerville/Hamilton Place and about 10 miles south of Penn's Neck. 

You can see where Yardville was located on the 1849 map.

 There is a current residential area called Yardville, but it is about a mile northeast of the location of the original town.

George refers to the abstract of Preserve Brown's will in the New Jersey Calendar of Wills. He says, "It includes specific details regarding that one property in Nottingham. He owned quite a bit of other property also, including houses in Philadelphia. The estate inventory summary just lists the totals for his debts and amounts owed to him, no details. The complete inventory in the probate record probably provides more detail, but that is on microfilm at the NJ Archives. All of the volumes of abstracts published as The New Jersey Calendar of Wills are available online at"

Here's the page with Preserve Brown's will.


  1. In the above my statement that " It was just south across the bridge over Crosswick's Creek from Yardville." should have stated instead " It was just south across the bridge over Doctor's Creek from Yardville." Sorry.