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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Middlesex Court of Common Pleas, Case #1161 (1759) - Stout, Hezekiah v. Bonnel, Samuel Sr.

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I just found it in the drafts folder.


I am able to copy a second one today, since these have been short.  Moving
back to 1759, here is yet another writ related to an indebtedness case.
This time, the plaintiff is one we have not yet encountered, Hezekiah Stout.
Like the 1760 case, this one specifically identifies Samuel Bonnell, Senior
as the defendant.  Note that the name is spelled three different ways in the
document:  Bonnel, Bunnil and Bunnill.  Although this case appears to have
started in August 1759, it was returned to the January 1760 session of the
court, so it preceded the Preserve Brown case by only a couple of months.
The sheriff annotates the result of the writ as Cepi Corpus in Cust'y, so
this now gives us the cumulate result from all of the writs:

Jacob Wright -     1761 (v. Brown Estate) - Cepi Corpus
        July 1766 (v. Richard Brown) - Non Est

Samuel Bonnell, Sr. -     January 1760 (v. Stout) Cepi Corpus in Cust'y
            April 1760 (v. Brown ) Cepi Corpus in Cust'y
            April 1761 (v. Watson) Cepi Corpus
            April 1762 (v. Brown estate) Cepi Corpus in Cust'y 
            October 1762 (v. Brown estate) Cepi Corpus in Cust'y

Samuel Bonnell, Jr. - 1761 (v. Watson) Non Est

Samuel Bonnell (undefined) -     January 1749 (v. Kearny) Non Est Inventus
                October 1764 (v. Reed & Pettit) - Cepi
Corpus in Custodia     

Diane added:

Some food for thought..... I am a descendant of Kentucky's Susannah Bunnell, supposed daughter of William. I have 3 other 3rd and 4th greatgrandmothers from the Bunnell area in NJ. The names showing up in my autosomal DNA are Sutton,  Doty, Blackford, Hull, Vail, Fitzrandolf, Drake and Dunham. I have seen that a Bonnell and Blackford have married and lived in Ohio. I was also wondering about the William Hall who was associated with the Bonnells. Perhaps it was Hull. Just thought I'd mention these names as they are from the area and if you stumble across them in the research you can take an extra look. Just trying to help! 

Transcription of Middlesex Court Case #1161 (1759): Stout, Hezekiah v. Bunnill, Samuel, Sr. 
Mid’x Common Pleas
Hezekiah Stout } Ca Sa 
V } Indebt
Sam’l Bonnel Sen. }

Returnable to Jan’ry 1760 

Remains unpaid of debt unto and
costs - - - - - - - - - £12.5.0
Int’t from Aug’t 1759

Cepi Corpus in Cust’y  W’m Crawford 

New Jersey }
Middlesex } fs. George the second by the grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King defender of the faith &c  to the sheriff of the county of Middlesex Greeting we Command you that you take Samuel Bunnil otherwise called Samuel Bunnill sen’r of the township of Windsor and county of Middlesex and province of New Jersey if he may be found within your bailwick and him safely keep so that you have his body before the Judges of our inferior court of common pleas to be held at Perth Amboy in and for said county of Middlesex on the third tuesday in January next to satisfy Hezekiah Stout in our said court before the Judges thereof at Perth Amboy aforesaid recovered against him as of five pounds and three pence money aforesaid which to the same Hezekiah Stout in our same court were adjudged for his damages which he hath sustained by occasion of the detention of that same debt whereas he is convicted, and have you then there this writ  Wittness James Hude Esq’r Judge of our said court at Perth Amboy aforesaid the tenth day of October in the thirty third year of our Reign ~

Pidgeon Att’y Smyth Clk

Teammate George Farris wrote " Hezekiah Stout may have been trying to recover  a debt that Samuel Bonnell owed to Samuel Moore.  He was one of the administrators of the estate of Samuel Moore a couple of months later.  Both Stout and Moore lived in Hopewell Township, then part of Hunterdon County.  See attachment."

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  1. Thanks for summing up the data so far. I confess, it gets a little confusing. I don’t envy poor Samuel Bonnell, whichever one he was. i’m glad he left a legal trail though, even though we don’t know where it’s going. Again, thanks for all you’re doing, and thanks for keeping me in the loop.