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Thursday, March 3, 2016


One other piece of information from this last document that may or may not mean anything:

The Writing Obligatory note listed the creditor, Preserve Brown, as being from Northampton Township in Burlington County.  So we know that our Windsor Township Samuel Bonnells must have had a connection here.  In increment 1, I sent the excerpt that showed a Samuel Bonnell and his wife Kitty (presumably Catherine Hughes) receiving an inheritance from the estate of Charles Philpot Hughes, who was a resident of Mount Holly, Northampton Township, Burlington County.  According to this document, Charles Hughes died in 1770, but I think this should be verified, as most of the other activity happened in 1779.  In any case, it seems that the estate was not fully settled until 1783.  Here is another document relating to that case.

John Bunnell  

Comments received from others working on this puzzle:

Preserve Brown was a merchant in what is now South Trenton, Mercer County.  Burlington County used to include that area - but it became part of Mercer County when it was formed.  Mounty Holly is the county seat of Burlington Co. and is down closer to Philadelphia.  It appears that our Samuel Bonnel was indebted to several merchants in and around Trenton - as well as to Richard Carman dating from his time in Woodbridge, probably as a result of failed business attempts.  

I don't think there was any connection between the Samuel Bunnell of Philedelphia and adjacent NJ and our Samuel of Windsor Township, Middlesex County


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