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Friday, March 4, 2016

Middlesex Court Miscellaneous Documents #257 (1762):


Here is a short one.  Although we saw in the last document that one of the Samuel Bonnells was undergoing a collection action in 1762, either that one or another of them was, that same year, being appointed as a Constable for the town of Windsor.

John Bunnell

Windsor Officers
Town Officers for Windssor for 1762
Clerk }
& } Joseph Shelton
Recorder }
Freholders} Albert Schenck
} James Olden
Comm’r }         John Tindall 
for } John Chamber Cain
Roads }
Assesor Joseph Shelton

Collection William Updick

Overseers } Richard Major
Roar } Joseph Olden

Overss’r } Abraham Bucalew, Jacob Schenck
Roads Peter Grom Jr., Benj’n Atchley
John Clarke

Constables Samuel Bunnell & Rich’d Kerry Jr. 

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