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Friday, March 25, 2016

Yet Another Samuel Bonnell! This one's in the Estate of John Balm.

George Farris sent this:

In light of the records of the Samuel Bonnells that John has found in Middlesex and the earlier records from Woodbridge I think we should take another look at the attached abstract from the estate of John Balm who died in 1739 in Elizabethtown.  

Marjorie mentioned this some time ago as a reference to a Samuel Bonnell that perplexed William Austin since it didn't seem to fit any known Samuels.   

Obviously this Samuel was living at that time since the administrator's record indicates that a payment was made to him from the estate.  John Balm owned property in both Elizabeth and Rahway (between Elizabeth and Woodbridge).  

At this point we don't know for sure when the Samuel Bonnells of Windsor Township in Middlesex left Woodbridge.  Apparently the 1732 debt suit just identifies Samuel as a resident of Somerset County - which could have been in Woodbridge or elsewhere in the county.  I suspect that this may be another record for the Samuel Bonnell, Sr. that we have been pursuing.

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