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Monday, September 19, 2016

Resources Available at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey

Ronald L. Becker Head of Special Collections and University Archives at Rutgers University Libraries, has replied to queries about information available at Rutgers:

Information on their genealogical resources guide is available online at
Rutgers Genealogical Resources. Also available is pdf document 

He did a search of their online catalog under "Bonnell family," with the following results

I did a search for "Bonnel" and "Bunnell" and found, in addition to the above:

People with Bonnell/Bunnell in their names have written many books on a variety of subjects.

Mr. Becker also reported the Middlesex County records at Rutgers consist generally of:

Marriage registers and indexes, 1795-1928
Public road surveys, 1705-1828
Deeds and land conveyances, 1714-1722
Official oaths, 1779-1831
Sheriff bonds, 1807-1929
Slave manumissions, 1800-1825
Court of Common Pleas minutes, 1683-1736, 1755-1771, 1783-1793, 1798, 1802-1871
Court of Common Pleas judgements, 1799-1858
Court of General Quarter Sessions minutes, 1683-1736, 1755-1771, 1783-1793, 1798, 1802-1871
Court of Oyer and Terminer minutes, 1799, 1805-1835, 1842-1869,
Circuit Court docket, 1839-1873
Circuit Court minutes, 1799, 1805-1826, 1838-1857
Circuit Court judgements, 1838-1855, 1858-1861

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