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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sally BOVELL not Sally Banelle, married Edward Shelliday in Mercer County, Kentucky on 18 March 1795.

John Bunnell recently recovered from an error regarding the William Bonnell family in Kentucky that is prevalent on

This is the contention that the lady listed in the databases as "Sally Banelle" in Mercer County was a daughter of William Bonnell.  This Sally was married to Edward Shelliday in Mercer County on 18 March 1795.

This has never quite fit our timeline, as we know the Bonnell family was in Botetourt County at this time.  If a daughter of William's had been in Mercer County in 1795, however, this might have added weight to the connection between the Bonnell and Dean families.

Now that I finally have a copy of the marriage bond, it is clear that the bride's name is actually Sally Bovell.  The signatory to the bond, her father John Bovell, is an established part of the historical record in Mercer County and unrelated to our quest.

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  1. John, Very thorough digging
    .. truly appreciate the details and sources that you are providing on ALL your research.