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Monday, June 25, 2018

Dennis Wright, Oldest Son of Jacob and Ann Wright

I apologize for the delay in posting this update from George Farris. It somehow found itself filed with my Christmas correspondence instead of my Action Required folder, so it wasn't posted in a timely manner.

December 6, 2017
Over the past several months I've been re-examining some Kentucky records, both on-line and at the Kentucky Historical Society Library, to see what more might be discerned regarding the Bunnells and related families in and around Mercer County, Kentucky.  Having the tax and other county records available on-line now makes it easier to search them and fill in a few more details.  I've had a few questions that I've tried to answer and will share what I've concluded about them.  

One question regarded where the Bunnells lived in Mercer County and another involved whether or not the person who has been referred to as Keziah Bunnell Dean was actually one of the children of William Bunnell.   I've summarized my conclusions on those two topics in the two attached Word documents. (These will be appear in separate blog posts.)

One other somewhat related topic involves Dennis Wright, the oldest son of Jacob and Ann Wright.  Dennis remained in Spotsylvania County, VA, after Jacob died until 1789 when he sold the property there.  In the meantime, Ann and her daughter Sarah apparently migrated with the Bunnell family and Sarah married Peter Rozell in Botetourt County in 1795.  What I realized from the Mercer County tax lists is that Dennis had apparently moved to Mercer immediately after selling the Spotsylvania property and was in Mercer long before the Bunnells arrived there.  He remained there until after 1808 when he moved to Maury County, TN - and later to Lincoln County, TN where the Dennis Wright family joined the family of his sister Sarah Wright Rozell and her family.  While it seems likely that Ann Wright was a sister of William Bunnell we've found nothing to confirm that supposition. 

The most nagging question remaining is identifying the wife of William Bunnell.  I've not found anything more that would either confirm or deny that she was Elizabeth Green.  I've not been able to find any additional clues from the Kentucky records of the Thomas Dean family that would shed any light regarding whether or not she was a sister of Diana Green Dean as asserted by Dr. Barbara Beall.  

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