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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DNA Matches for Descendants of Sarah Wright and Peter Rozell

George Farris has been working with DNA test results. Happily he shared the results with us. I only added the bolding, to emphasize his conclusion. Readers, if you have any information that would help George, please let us know.

Recently, in pursuing some of my autosomal DNA matches that were difficult to understand I've found four such matches that lead back to Sarah Wright (daughter of Ann and Jacob Wright) and Peter Rozell (son of Nehemiah and grandson of the Peter Rossell who was associated with the Kentucky William Bunnell.)   

The individuals involved are descendants of three different children of Peter and Sarah - Jacob, born ~1800, Peter, Jr., born ~1803, and James Harvey, born ~1812.   Since I have no other known connection with the Wright or Rossell lines it seems very likely that the match is through Sarah Wright's mother, Ann.  

And that would appear to be further evidence that Ann was a Bunnell and probably a sister of our ancestor the William Bunnell who was the progenitor of the "Kentucky Bunnells." That's consistent with the facts that Ann migrated with the William Bunnell family after Jacob Wright died and that William Bunnell was the bondsman for the marriage of Sarah and Peter in 1795 in Botetourt County, Virginia, and apparently wrote the parent's consent document for Ann to sign.

Since the connection is many generations back there are also descendants of Sarah and Peter who did not inherit that particular segment of DNA that appears to be from the Bunnell line.  I've found several such descendants with whom I do not have a DNA match..

I wanted to bring this to the attention of other researchers of this Bunnell line in case any of you find similar DNA matches.

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