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Monday, April 17, 2017

Samuel Bonnell Witness to the Will of Charles Wright

From John Bunnell:

I really don't know what to make of this entry for the estate of Charles Wright.  You can see that a Samuel Bonnel was a witness to the sale of the Middlesex County, NJ property when it was consummated in New York in 1773. More than any other document, this raises far more questions than answers.  
  • Was Samuel Bonnel involved because John Blanchard, the executor of the will was from Elizabeth Town?  If so, that suggests that this Samuel would be one of those still living in this northern location, such as Samuel Bonnel #310238 (although he would have only been 18 years old).  
  • Was Samuel Bonnel involved because of the connection to the plot of land in Woodbridge and Rahway Meadow?  If so, that suggests this is one of the Middlesex County Bonnells we've been tracking.  Samuel Bonnell (3), the grandson of the Woodbridge resident, was the only one who would have been alive and still residing in New Jersey in 1773.  
  • Does the deceased Charles Wright have any relation to Jacob Wright who was closely associated with the Middlesex County Bonnells? 
Any thoughts?


Middlesex County, New Jersey Deed Abstracts Book "1"
"These abstracts were derived from the county clerk's copies of the records at the Middlesex County Court House, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. These early deed books contain the county clerk's handwritten recordings of the deeds as they were presented to him for recording. On occasion, other documents are found recorded in these books, such as Release of Dower, Creditor's Agreements, Division of Property, etc."


23 September 1773–John Blanchard of Elizabeth Town…Executor of the last Will…of Charles Wright late of the Township of Woodbridge…Middlesex…New Jersey, Mason deceased…[sold to]…Joseph Lester of the City of New York…Whereas, the said Charles Wright…at the time of his death…possessed…land…in Woodbridge…Middlesex…[12.5 acres] whereon the said Charles Wright did live and die…[adjacent land owners or names–Thomas Morris, Peter Elstone Richard Walker]…Also, one piece of Meadow…in Woodbridge Rahway Meadow, being …[adjacent land owners or names–⅓ part of Meadow formerly belonging to Joseph Gray deceased, John Noe, Phillip Dolderidge, the great Creek]…[6 acres]…;[Charles Wright made his Will on 3 May 1770 Whereby he appointed John Blanchard sole Executor.]
Lester paid Blanchard for the sale on 23 September 1773 in New York; Witnesses–John Keese, Samuel Bonnel.]

[Hudson Co, New Jersey–Lee W. Jaques and J. Eugenia Jaques appeared and swore that the above land was in Middlesex Co and "was in 1895 conveyed to Jonathan Jaques by said Joseph Lester, and said Jonathan Jaques, their great grandfather, did own & Posses same. Later the above…was owned…by Robert L. Jaques, their grandfather, son of Jonathan Jaques…That the above…parcel of Rahway Salt Meadow was later owned…by Eugene A. Jaques, deceased, late of Jersey City, Hudson Co, New Jersey and that they Lee W. & J. Eugenia Jaques, are the sole surviving children of the said Eugne A. Jaques, deceased…"The deponents swore that the land has been in the possession of the Jaques family for over 100 years; Dated–31 March 1916; Recorded–31 April 1916.]

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